We offer a complete and professional ‘Thorough Examination and Test’ (TExT) for all types of ducted Fume Cupboards and LEV Extract Hoods.  As part of the HSE and COSHH guidelines it is a legal requirement that any LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) system that removes fumes must meet all current Health and Safety regulations.

LEV inspection and preventative maintenance plays a vital role in protecting your staff or operators, the energy efficiency of the systems’ operation and also in extending the working life of your LEV plant.  As a minimum, all LEV systems must be examined and tested at least every 14 months by a competent party.

As most extraction systems are designed to remove hazardous fumes from the workplace, any maintenance and inspection should only be carried out by fully qualified and trained personnel.  Our engineers are trained and certified in P601, which is the testing methodology behind the relevant testing standards for LEV.

Our friendly team of engineers are highly trained in testing, calibrating and repairing most makes and models of airflow monitors and VAV control systems. They are here to provide a friendly and fast response to any breakdowns or planned preventative maintenance throughout the UK.

In addition to a full mechanical inspection check list and complete set of airflow face velocity readings, the following checks should be carried out in order to be compliant with legislation:

  • Full inspection of the associated extract system and extract fan
  • Electrical full load current readings on the fan and motor
  • Extract fan inlet and outlet static pressure measurements
  • Tachometer fan and motor speed readings
  • Duct velocity readings
  • LEV Hood capture distance calculations
  • Qualitative smoke and air visualisation testing
  • Advise suitability of your specific LEV solution for the particular processes being carried out

These checks are just some of the points which must be covered under current COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Health and Safety Standards.  Local Exhaust Ventilation systems must be tested to HSG258 (‘Controlling airborne contaminants at work’), EN 14175 (the EN standard for installation and testing of Fume Cupboards) and BS 7258 (‘Specification for safety and performance’).

As well as carrying out inspections, a large part of our service and maintenance works involve fault-finding, repairs and commissioning of Fume Cupboards.  Our team will then generate a comprehensive and detailed electronic report to underpin our thorough and professional service.  This report will contain recommended remedial actions, where appropriate.

Contact us to arrange a fully detailed proposal for your annual inspection and maintenance service.